Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 7 Months Luke!

Seven months . . . closer to one year old than being a brand new baby. You are such a funny baby: you complain and demand our attention, and when we look at you, you give us the biggest, cheesiest smile. You “talk” a lot, and you smile a lot too.

20140311-IMG_6032.jpgYou had three more teeth pop through this month – all on the top. Your teeth are so cute, and it is crazy how many you have already. You love to chew on toys and blankets – maybe because you have so many teeth coming in. You are pretty content in the car or stroller if you have a blanket to chew on while you are riding around.


You started sleeping a lot better this month. Most nights you’ll sleep long enough that I’d consider you sleeping through the night. It is very nice to get some decent sleep again. : ) You have also started taking much longer and more consistent naps, which is also very nice for us. You still like to sleep on your belly. If you fuss for very long after I lay you down, I often find you flipped over on your back. You can roll from your back to your belly, but I think you are usually too sad to think about doing that in your crib. You also scoot around a lot in your crib. I don’t know *exactly* how you are moving around, just that you do because I find you in a different place than where I laid you down to start at night. In fact, you have a certain corner of the crib that I often find you in when I check on you before I go to bed. 20140401-IMG_6568.jpg

I feel like every day that passes you are more and more content. You are definitely a mama’s boy right now, but you have gotten to be more content when others have you when I’m not around. In fact, you are actually more content with others when I’m not there (probably because I’m not there to distract you!).  20140401-IMG_6583.jpg 

You have really started eating solids this month, and now that you have decided that eating solid food is OK, there hasn’t been anything you haven’t liked. You’ve loved all the different fruits and veggies you’ve tried, as well as yogurt and puffs. I think yogurt is probably your favorite food right now. You’ve gotten really good at eating puffs, and you entertain yourself for a long time while you eat them.20140327-IMG_6228.jpg

Your grabbing skills have gotten even more refined this month. As evidenced below, you didn’t like the sticker (or maybe that I was taking your pictures) and you did something about it!20140406-IMG_7342.jpg 20140406-IMG_7352.jpg

Although you weren’t happy in the photo below, you generally really like to be outside. You’ve started showing some hints that you may suck your thumb, but you aren’t a full-fledged “thumb-sucker” yet. You really love your siblings, and you are very tolerant of them, smiling and laughing with them. You also have become fond of our dog Reeses (even though you didn’t seem so interested in her at first).20140405-IMG_7232.jpg

Luke @ 6 months

Troy @ 7 months

(I didn’t start writing these monthly posts for Ella until she was 17 months old)